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That is pretty alarming news if you would like to rent a self storage unit in Laguna Hills. Average marketplace storage rental rates in Laguna Hills increased by 2.0% during the past week. In the event that you were thinking about leasing a storage space here, it may be time to act and reserve one using StorageSeeker. That way you will guard against any further rise in rents by securing the existing rate. It isn't ideal, of course, to rent a mini storage unit in Laguna Hills when prices have gone up just recently. Yet they may keep going up as time passes and then ultimately you will need to spend even more. Consequently you could be saving yourself some cash if you made a decision to reserve a space now using StorageSeeker. It is tough to deduce if prices will continue steadily to climb or decrease in the near future, while, normally, prices for storage units have increased over the long term (comparable to the general inflation of prices and population growth).