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Relocating to a new residence can be a great and exhilarating experience as you open a whole new chapter in your life. But the tricky part comes with the designated moving day itself, which is usually is the most stressful day for most people. It becomes more difficult when you have to move within a short period or when you have more items than can fit in your new apartment. Fortunately, compiled below is a guideline that will render the whole process of moving a whole lot easier.

1. Sort Out Your Stuff in Advance

About a month prior to the selected day of moving apartments, you will want to take a thorough inspection of your present apartment while making a list of the things to be given away to charitable organizations, discarded, or disposed of through a garage sale. Better still, you could elect to move with only the stuff you need and keep the rest of your valuables secure with a self-storage facility. Instead of hurriedly packing your prized possessions like sculptures, jars, and paintings and risking their breakage, get a storage unit for safekeeping and come back for them later after settling in.

2. Pack the Clothes on Hangers

Instead of removing clothes from hangers (that you'll have to fold and then unfold and then hang again) you will want to use plastic strips to fasten hangers together and subsequently wrap the whole package in plastic wrap. It will help you to unpack with ease -- placing your clothes right into the closet where they belong. No fuss, no stress. Purge clothes that you don't need, and packing will be a breeze.

3. Carefully Pack the Pictures and Mirrors

Packing plates and keeping them intact is often very difficult, but that's child's play as compared to packing glass picture frames and mirrors. To avoid breakage and subsequent loss, each item should be in its own package and wrap them in bubble wrap, or package them in a packing paper like you would a gift. Furthermore, you could utilize the linens that would otherwise take up a lot of space in your boxes and wrap your fragile objects in them. While at it, ensure that you label the outside of the box as fragile. Again, while figuring out where to put everything, you could simplify the task by employing a self storage facility to keep your fragile possessions for some time.

4. Use Color Code

Keeping all your boxes organized is arguably one of the toughest tasks when moving; it gets almost impossible to find anything when you get to your new apartment. Color-coding will go a long way in simplifying this task; a quick look at each box will be sufficient to know where or which room the items, contained in it, belong in.

Moving has been ranked among the most stressful life events; it disrupts your daily routines, and you have to organize, pack and keep track of your belongings, which is often a huge hassle. You can, however, get rid of your stress by following the guidelines above and most importantly, store some of your packed up possessions in a  self storage container. This will help you with temporary storage and downsizing, especially if moving into a smaller space.