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Renovations are messy! Our personal items get in the way, hindering our ability to get the job done right while causing damage to our belongings. Since keeping items intact (and projects running smoothly) is a priority when renovating, renting a self storage unit can make your renovation a breeze by keeping your items secure. A storage facility can help protect your things the following ways:

Climate control
Climate control involves regulating the following indoor conditions avoid damaging your belongings:

• Humidity
Humid air can cause moisture to destroy your wooden furniture and fabrics. The best way to store such items is to ensure that the humidity is at the optimum levels. In general, climate control is instrumental when it comes to storing the valuable or environmentally sensitive items. While not all items require climate control, protecting these goods from excessive levels of moisture is vital. Water can also cause wood to warp or rot. Storage facilities ensure that your items are always in good shape by protecting them from the harmful elements.

• Extreme heat
Extreme heat can be harmful to the electronic goods and plastic items. Other items such as documents, files, and photographs can lose their integrity if exposed to extreme heat. Heat can also cause the wooden furniture to warp and crack.

• Damp conditions
Leaking roofs can expose your belongings to the damp conditions. Such dampness can cause the concrete floors to develop some molds, bacteria, and mildew. Your storage unit should combat such conditions by maintaining a clean and dry environment at all times. Remember that the dampness can also cause the metals to rust and destroy your furniture, carpets, or clothing.

Renovation materials
If you do not have a safe and secure place to keep your building materials, renting a temporary storage unit nearby can be a good idea. A storage unit should provide secure storage for your tools, steel bars, bags of cement, and other home renovation materials. You do not have to unpack the tiles or other items until you take them home. Having some lockers and keys can also help you to keep these items safe. It is vital to sort your belongings before you ship them to the facility. By so doing, you will identify the items that require climate control, special packaging, or utmost care. Be sure to label these items to avoid confusion during transportation, unloading, and storage. A proper labeling regimen will also help to decide how best to store the goods. While some will require some lockable cabinets, an open shelf will suffice for others. Lockable cabinets can also protect your goods from dust and excessive moisture.

Renovations are stressful enough. Moving your items into storage will keep you organized, giving you piece of mind. Your belongings will be safe, providing more room to work and less opportunity for damage. With sizes and prices to meet any budget, you can certainly find one to suite your needs. Happy renovating!