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When people fail to pay their storage fees, units go up for sale to the highest bidder. Thousands of people across the country line up for these auctions, with tales of rare artifacts found and huge returns on mere $50-100 investments.

In one such instance, a gentleman placed a $100 bid on a storage unit in Queens, to find it filled with some blankets and boxes. When he searched a little deeper (hoping he would find some tools) he stumbled across the James Bond submarine car, selling it for just shy of $1M. Measly sum, right?

Well, not all buyers are that lucky. In fact, these auction winners certainly received quite the shock when they opened their units… We’ll let you decide if they received their money’s worth.

Leg, anyone?

In 2007, Shannon Whisnant purchased a meat smoker from a storage unit auction… which contained an amputated human leg. John Wood, the original owner of the storage unit had lost his leg in a plane crash, and decided to keep it so that he could be buried with it when the time came. After some legal disputes, the leg was returned to it’s original owner. (Phew!)

Talk about a blast…

A Muskegon man who won a bid on a storage unit was quite surprised to find a live hand-grenade waiting for him inside! He drove it to his local Fire Department, who contacted the bomb squad to ensure it was destroyed. Must have been quite the dinner topic, no?

Grandma’s missing!

When 95-year-old Ann Bunch passed away, her daughter, Bobbie Bennett Hancock, promised to take care of all the arrangements… however, with some unexpected weather, an unreliable vehicle and husband with hoarding tendencies, she just couldn’t part with mom, deciding to keep her in their family’s storage unit… She was found 17 years later!

If I only had a brain...

Former medical examiner Dr. Michael Berkland, had body parts from more than 100 people stored in his unit, which was discovered in 2012 at auction. If the Scarecrow had only been there… he was going to ask the wizard for 1 brain, and Dr. Berkland had 10!

Has anyone seen my cat… all 40 of them?

40 cats were found dead and bagged in a freezer when a storage unit was won at auction in Queens. There was even one cat skinned, lying on an aluminum tray… Police were looking for the 66-year-old woman who had lost the unit for questioning (You know, like why are you skinning, bagging and storing dead cats? Standard stuff).

So if you’re looking for a little adventure, maybe a storage unit auction is for you. Who knows, a million dollar rare car, a semi-used brain, or half completed cat-coat could be in your future.

And if you do happen to find a grenade that’s live, perhaps call the bomb squad to come to the unit directly, rather than driving it to the Fire Department yourself. Because, you know—we’ve been told those things could explode. Just a suggestion.

And you thought storage units were boring… HA!