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Living in an apartment is a constant juggle between wanting to have pretty items and the reality of the amount of space you actually have. With a rental apartment, it's unlikely that you have extra storage in the basement and garage like homeowners do. You have to be creative in your space to keep it from being overrun with all your stuff. Here are some helpful tips:

Purge Frequently
One of the biggest things you can do in your rental is to purge frequently. Before your closet becomes overwhelming, you should be cleaning out all the clothes that don't fit anymore. Remove the ones that are torn or stained since you'll never wear them again. Place seasonal clothing in boxes or bins to remove them from your everyday space.

Dedicated Space
Having a disorganized apartment can make you feel like you're living in chaos. When the apartment is organized, you're more likely to put things where they belong instead of placing them on the table or counters. When every item in the apartment has a dedicated spot, you can quickly place items where they belong. Taking the time to organize might be on the bottom of your task list, but it's essential to having an uncluttered apartment.

Entry Landing
This is a great way to stay organized. Instead of allowing clutter to reach the inner recesses of the home, it can be stopped at the doorway. Create a space near the door where you can place things that are only temporary in the home. It's also a good spot for a shoe rack, a place for book bags and baskets for keys and phones. When you're creating a landing strip, be sure you're not allowing items to enter the home that don't belong.

Vertical Real Estate
Many apartment dwellers are not able to attach large shelves to the wall since their landlord might not allow it. If that's the case for you, there's always large standalone units that will help you utilize more of the vertical space in the home. Large bookshelves or wire storage devices can span floor to ceiling, which gives you more room for your things.

Use Storage Wisely
While you're purging frequently, have a dedicated space for all your things and are utilizing all the vertical space in your home, you can also use off-site storage solutions to give yourself extra square footage. Self storage means that you can sift through your belongings and transfer much of your seasonal items to the unit. This can be done every few months as the weather changes. Find one next to a park or museum you enjoy, making it easily accessible. Your storage unit can become extra space for your apartment, freeing up much-needed room. With many different size and prices to fit any budget, you are certain to find a unit that works perfectly for you!