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Wondering how to keep the kids entertained as the colder months approach? Never fear! These simple ideas will ensure your family has fun the whole season through!

Crafts and Decor, Galore!

There is nothing better than fun-filled, fall-themed items to decorate your home this autumn! By simply using leaves, pine cones and acorns found around your property, you and your children can create some gorgeous crafts, decor and mosaics to last you for years to come.

Have your children gather acorns and pine cones to paint, then place them throughout the house, within vases or simply on their own. They are certain to give your home a warm fuzzy feel, and your children will have a blast helping to create something special.

Go on a scavenger hunt for some beautiful leaves, and place them as real life tree-tops on a portrait your kids draw, or line picture frames with them that hold photos of your favorite fall memories. You can even use them on homemade wreaths!

Consider wrapping your children’s beautiful masterpieces in bins and placing them in a self storage unit for the following year, along with other seasonal decor. It will keep your much needed garage and attic space clear for items you need on a regular basis, helping you remain organized and clutter free.

Fun & Festive Foods.

Oh soups, marshmallows and fireplaces, fall certainly has some amazing foods we look forward to the whole year through. Harvest corn cakes, autumn leaf cutouts, caramel apples and acorn treats, the kids will love making them (and you will love eating them).

Clear your kitchen table and give your kids plenty of room to work. With some loving guidance and enthusiasm, your kids will enjoy making some tasty snacks, building memories for years to come.

Not the cooking or baking type? Simply buy some ready-made cookie dough at your local grocery store, heat your oven, and place those scrumptious cut up pieces on your cookie sheet. Couldn’t be any easier, and still a great time (if they make it into the oven, of course! Mmmm!).

Campfire Stories and S’mores.

Cuddle around your homes fireplace, an outdoor fire pit, or heckthe yule log on your tv, and each tell some spooky stories together under a blanket. There’s bound to be a fart joke or two thrown in, and your children and you will laugh the whole night through.

You can even build a fort in your living room with some pillows and boxes, whip out a flashlight, and your kids will be thrilled.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

Remember, fall doesn’t have to be about glitz, glam and big extravagant ideas. With a little creativity (and a lot of heart), this autumn is sure to be one to remember. Simple crafts and decor (that can be placed in storage for the following year), festive foods, and fort-building fun are all you need.

Pumpkin spiced lattes and smiles, here we come!