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Shelve the Workout

Nothing completes a great workout better than a clean, orderly gym. Therein lies the problem because your exercise space is lacking in the storage department. The good news is a small shelf will solve your clutter issues. A quick visit to your local Home Depot, will provide you with the perfect solution. Just like that, you have a place for your stereo, tablet, towels and other exercise equipment.

The Cubby Solution

Although you’re serious about exercising, you don’t have a lot of exercise accessories. Nevertheless, you need someplace to store your workout tools. Maybe a shoe cubby may be all that you need. The bench is ideal for storing yoga mats and water bottles while the shoe cubbies beneath are perfect for smaller weights and exercise videos. Mount a towel rack above the shoe cubby for jump ropes and resistance bands and you have the perfect exercise center.

Store Your Workout

The effort to organize your home gym is the toughest workout you’ve endured in a long time. Unfortunately, you’re having trouble thanks to the limited space. Rather than giving up on your gym, try a self-storage unit. After all, when I need more room, I look for storage space near me, using Storage Seeker. The best part is you’ll no longer have too many things to workout around.

The Basket Case

You swear you’re a basket case every time you walk into your cluttered, chaotic mess of a gym. However, all your efforts to organize the room fall flat. Ironically, a basket or two might put an end to your chaos blues. Better yet, woven baskets come in various sizes, so you can find one to fit your specific needs, allowing you to tuck adjustable weights, exercise balls and towels out of sight and out of mind.

The Exercise Center

An exercise center is ideal for adding some order to your gym and your life. The focal point of your exercise center is a wall mounted shelves that utilizes vertical storage and open space. Once you’ve set up the shelves, center your television, add a few bins and baskets and, finally, store your exercise accessories on the shelves and in the containers. In just a few steps, you’ve created an exercise center with everything you need within easy reach.