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Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a sprawling mansion, you need space to keep all of your belongings. The things that people label as “necessities” can be completely subjective. It just depends on whether you will be using the items on a daily basis. If you suddenly find something you forgot you even had, it probably is not a necessity.

While there are some wealthy people who are complete minimalists, many more of them have a lot of things. They also may own a home business that requires them to keep office supplies and inventory in their homes and garages. Small Business Trends reports that over half of Americans operate home businesses. That can mean a lot of stuff in limited space.

The Wealthy’s Storage Secret

• Home:

You may not be living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but you can use some of their valuable hacks when it comes to storage. Many wealthy people travel and collect lovely souvenirs from each country they visit. They could have a hot mess indeed if they tried to pile everything in one room.

They practice what museums have done for generations. Even if you have smaller collections, you can benefit from this little trick. The wealthy create revolving collections. They divide their things into categories and put a few out at a time. The rest goes into an indoor storage unit. When they want something different, all they have to do is to change out things from temporary storage and create a whole new look.

Just think of the extra space you can create if you put this into practice. You can actually see the beautiful treasures in your collection. You will have to chance to change it around as you want. Your guests will have more things to admire and provoke interesting conversation.

• Office

There are many wealthy entrepreneurs who still work out of their homes. There is no way that they can keep all their business supplies and products there. The obvious answer is to rent a large self-storage unit. Any time they run out of supplies or need a finished product, they just grab it from storage.

You do not have to drown in paperwork, tools, and products in your home office. Find out what you need every day and organize it in your workspace. The rest of you things can go into your storage unit. You can get a controlled climate unit to protect your investment from the elements. A lot of self-storage businesses employ full-time security guard for added piece of mind.

With many different sizes and price plans, you're certain to find a unit that works within your budget. Do as the wealthy do -- limit your clutter and stress by getting organized using storage, today!