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You can take advantage of the following storage & antique care tips to keep your possessions in excellent condition when moving.

Climate Control
Finding a secure storage unit near you that is climate controlled is of the utmost importance. Humidity and antiques don't mix, so you'll want to make sure your unit is the appropriate temperature at all times.


Every antique is unique. For example, polishing wood with appropriate wax or polish can improve resistance against moisture damage. Leather needs specific care, using appropriate leather conditioners to improve the longevity of your leather surfaces.

Disassemble the heavy items to reduce the load on the fragile items. Wrap every part separately and label them. If possible, keep them in one drawer if you want to find them easily before assembly. Purchase a couple of hard boxes to keep your fragile ceramics. If you store the ceramics in soft boxes, they can still be damaged upon impact. Add several layers of bubble wrap if you want to keep your fragile items safe.

Wrapping your antiques is one of the best ways to protect them from dust. When choosing the wrapping materials, avoid the toxic materials whose chemicals can destroy your antiques. Tissue papers have chemicals that include bleaching agents that might cause your treasured antique to fade. Wrapping your antiques means you have to ensure you are using products with no dangerous chemicals present within. Protect your delicate paintings with napkins or a linen towel is a good way to protect them from harm. You can waterproof them with a polyethylene sheet.

Use bubble wrap to shield them from damage upon impact. Store the collectibles separately to avoid applying pressure to the fragile items. Since most antiques are fragile and sensitive, you must treat them properly. If you find a lockable cabinet to store your antiques, you will protect them from harm.

Fabrics and textiles
Avoid folding the quilts, fabrics, and textiles by storing them in a flat position. Protect your fabrics and canvas with a cotton cloth to keep the dust away. Ensure that your wrap does not have any acidic content that might destroy the material.

Frame your paintings with wood and cover them with a cotton or linen cloth. The cotton will prevent the dust while making your paintings resistant to oxidation, fading, water damage, discoloration, and grease. Place a cardboard between the paintings and use bubble wrap to reduce the pressure that might cause a breakup.

If you have a couple of trophies and other silverware, keep them in a wooden chest to avoid discoloration and tarnishing. By limiting the amount of air that comes into contact with the metallic surfaces, you can prevent rusting and oxidation. Choose a large chest with various compartments that can accommodate a couple of silverware and other metallic antiques.

It is possible to keep your antiques in great condition forĀ  years to come. Using some extra care as listed above will keep your valuablesĀ  intact (and you stress-free) throughout your move!