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Ready to Start Off 2017 Free and De-Cluttered? Here's How to Make the Most of Self Storage After Christmas in Abilene, TX

Do you cringe at the idea of taking down all those Christmas decorations that took you hours to put up? Are you a husband or wife who lets your family keep convincing you to leave up the tree and those door wreaths just one more week? Have you become the neighbors that everyone is talking about – that have the Christmas lights on in March?

If you struggle with taking down your holiday decorations and finding a place to store them all, you’re certainly not alone – and we have a solution that you can count on. Many people don’t think of self-storage when it comes to post-holiday cleanup, but it literally can save you stress, money and time all in one bundle. Read on to learn why:

Tip #1: Consider Size

There are many different sizes for self-storage units, but you'll want to consider how much room you really need. Many first-timers think they need a huge unit, and then they are surprised when they see how easily it is to store their Christmas decorations and have room left over! A good rule of thumb is to choose a mid-sized unit, not unless you only have a few things, and then see how it goes. You always can go smaller or larger depending on how your life situation and the items you acquire change -- and that shouldn't be a problem to move since you probably are starting off with a small group of objects.
Tip #2: Pack and Stack

When you're moving holiday decorations into a self-storage unit, one of the best organizational tips you can take with you is to purchase containers that have lids and can be stacked. This makes not only transporting these items to the unit easy and secure -- but it helps you stay organized and maximize the space you have in the self-storage unit via stacking.
Tip #3: Look Around the House

Boxing up and storing Christmas decorations following the holidays also is the perfect time to consider what other items in your home could be moved to self-storage. For example, do you have summer clothes just taking up room in your children's closets? What about all of that beach gear in the garage -- jet skis, lounge chairs, coolers and umbrellas. Take inventory in your home, and then move other items to the self-storage unit along with your Christmas decor.

Where Can I Find Storage Near Me?

The answer is--not far at all! Now is the time to act on your self-storage unit. You owe it to yourself after a crazy holiday to relax a little and to feel like you’re getting your home. You can do that easily by storing and organizing your holiday items in your own self-storage unit. No more climbing into that dusty attic to retrieve forgotten treasures! Call us today.