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The holidays are a wonderful, beautiful time – and there really is nothing like a decorated, cozy home in Arcadia. It reminds us of the people we love, the friendships we share and the warmth that surrounds us during the season of giving.

But come Jan. 1, you and your husband are usually looking for a place to stuff all those decorations and knick-knacks—and it doesn’t always look pretty. That’s where self-storage can transform your home from a holiday house to a house ready for all 2017 has for you. Read on to learn how self-storage can help you save time, energy and money this post-holiday season!

Tip #1: Take Inventory

Some people fill storage units like they are a black hole. You can do that, and we won't judge. But what would be more effective is to take inventory of all the Christmas items that are going into storage. Type up the list and then check them off as you store them. You can return to that list during the next year -- and you'll always know exactly what you have at your fingertips!

Tip #2: Make a Map

All you need is a simple diagram that you can draw on a piece of typing paper. What you want to do make sure all of the items in your storage unit have a place. Draw boxes to indicate the number and location of your boxed items. Make sure the diagram and boxes correspond with numbers. Stack if you can. If you have multiple rows, keep a page for each row. Stay organized with your hand-drawn map and you'll be able to poke around in your storage unit with success next season!

Tip #3: Add it Up

We all can get rid of extra items in our home -- but post-holidays is a great time to purge. So transport items such as clothing, furniture and other odds and ends to your unit at the same time you are dropping off your holiday decorations. You'll find that your house feels lighter and freer -- and you do to! Then, there's more inspiration for doing something with a freed space and dreaming up a plan for simple redecoration. That's the perfect kind of energy you need for a brand new year!

Do You Have Storage Near Me?

Yes! Call us today to learn more about the options available for you and your family in Arcadia. Self-storage units are the perfect antidote to a holiday gone haywire. They are roomy enough to hold all of your decorations safely and to keep them organized. Best of all, they free up room in your home so that you can bring other things in as the seasons call for them. Stop stuffing your attic. Use your self-storage unit as a safe-keeper for all your holiday gear!