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You're likely cleaning your house once a week and wondering how it gets so dirty in 7 days. If you stay on top of the cleaning by picking up and organizing each day, you won't have as much work on the weekends. It all starts with organizing your home using a self-storage unit. If you've got a New Year's resolution to keep the house cleaner, you should be taking note of these tricks to keeping the house clean each day.

1. Organize and Clean
To start this process, it helps to clear items and organize as a clean slate. If you need extra storage for organizing your items, self-storage is a fantastic way to find extra room in the home. Start out by putting seasonal items in the storage unit. Start with all those summer items like sports equipment. Remove all the boxes in the basement that are labeled for summer, and start cleaning out your upstair's closets. You'll be able to store many of the items in the basement or garage. Search for storage near me for small units in your area.

2. Store and Label
Before you can hope to keep the home clean, you'll have to find places for everything. Your family needs to know where to keep their shoes, backpacks and coats. They need to understand where school papers can be stored, and the spots in the home for movies and games. Labels are the best way for them to start following the storage guidelines.

3. Keep the Table Set
It's amazing how often a kitchen or dining room table becomes a catch-all for clutter. If you keep the table set with dishes and silverware, you'll notice that your family won't place things on the table that belong elsewhere. They'll find those labeled boxes and bins to store the item.

4. Power Clean
Each day, take 10 to 15 minutes to power clean the home. Turn on the music and make it a game. The first person to clean the fastest will win a prize. You could also reward the entire family with an activity after the time limit if they've done it correctly.

5. Keep a Cleaning Hub in Each Room
If you have to walk to the kitchen to grab cleaning supplies, you'll likely get distracted or put off the cleaning until later. With a cleaning center in each room, you can easily give the room a quick clean as you notice a mess.

6. Make Your Bed
When you get up in the morning, make the bed. You'll be surprised how it'll make you feel to have your bed made each morning. It takes less than a minute. You can complete this task while waiting for the coffee to brew. Teach the kids to make their beds too.

Once you have these small tasks done on a daily basis, you'll spend less time on the weekends doing a deep cleaning. Instead, you can visit the Fire Museum of Texas or Gator Country Wildlife Adventure Park with the kids.