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College dorm life.

Responsibility? You’ve been feeding your goldfish nightly since you were five, and you’ve never lost your hamsternot once. You’re damn-good responsible.

Adulting? Heck yeah. 10-percent of that Sonic paycheck goes into your savings every week.

Time management? No problem. You can complete your Netflix binge and STILL manage to clean the toilet before your mom gets home.

Oh yeah, you’re ready for the real world. Ain’t nobody going to hold you back. You kiss fluffy (the goldfish) goodbye, and head out the door to your future.

You feel empowered.

You feel prepared.

You feel… cramped?

Freebird? No sir. Ain’t no flying in here.

Spread your wings? No-can-do. They’d each hit a wall.

Crammed into a small space like sardines getting some shut-eye at a measly $750,000,000 a semester, you realize you’re bunking it up like a couple of 7-year old siblings.

How the heck are you going to fit all of your stuff?

Listen princess, while this is more of a bell tower than a castle, these simple tips and tricks will help you maximize your space and stay organized. And who knows, maybe a handsome prince will climb up into your tower, free you of your college debt and provide you with a six-figure-income following graduation.

We laughed too. But not about de-cluttering. That we can help you with!

In a land far, far away… (well, not that far)

By renting a storage unit close to your dorm, you can keep all of the items you need throughout the semester, but don’t need on a regular basis. Seasonal decor, sporting equipment, musical instruments, you name it. If it doesn’t fit in that cupboard of a closet, put it away! Best thing is, you can keep your items there all year long (meaning you don’t have to lug your possessions to and from your house when the year wraps up for a close).

Budget tight? Split the cost with your roommates who will certainly need somewhere to place their items too. With different sizes available, you’re certain to find one that works for you.

More Useful than Trigonometry

At an eighth the cost, these easy space-saving ideas will certainly help you maximize what little room you have. Now, you could just say “all you did was ask your roommates to help clean up”... but it’s so much more than that. You are  ensuring operational efficiency by improving processes. You are implementing strategic action plans, engaging your team toward shared common vision. You are increasing overall productivity.

Did you see how we did that? Huh? Dagnabit - you have some real world, professional experience to help boost your resume. Team development. Process improvement. That’s right. Work that dorm! 

You’re welcome.

Think outside of the box. Okay, wait, back in the box.

Boxes, bins, containers galore, having things tucked, packed and labeled will help ensure you can keep things in order. Box for older text books? Check. Box for seasonal clothing? Check. Box for terrifying Halloween masks you like to wear while doing yoga in the common room to freak people out in the morning? Check.

You get the picture.

Be sure to number your boxes and keep a corresponding list of what you have inside. This way, when you need something, you’re not searching around like a wack-a-doo. Yes, that is the technical term, Einstein.

Remember, you wanted this. Adulthood. And now, it’s yours.

Of course there's a lot of knowledge in universities:  the freshmen bring a little in; the seniors don't take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates.  -Abbott Lawrence Lowell

Go get ‘em!