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Rack the Dumbbells

Organization is critical to your concentration which is why you go wild when you walk into your gym to find you have too many things. Your greatest nemesis is the dumbbells that migrate everywhere. While a dumbbell rack is an option, you don’t have the space for a floor mounted version. Not to worry because you can store small or adjustable dumbbells on a wall mounted dumbbell rack and put an end to the dumbbell nuisance.

Bench the Mats

Yoga is a critical part of your daily workout, but storing the equipment is leaving you teetering off balance. The answer eluding you and your attempts to organize your yoga equipment is a small shoe bench and some small totes from Walmart. The top shelf is ideal for storing your yoga mats. As for the rest of your equipment, place everything in the totes on the second shelf and out of the way.

Workout Your Organization

Once you set up your home gym, you created a workout schedule, exercise logs and weekly goals. Now, where to store everything in your already cramped gym. The solution lies in a whiteboard and wall mounted magazine rack. Simply mount the whiteboard where you can easily see your workout schedule and set up the magazine rack to the side. The latter is perfect for organizing your logs and adding a little order to your workout.

Stack the Storage

Your beautiful home gym has displaced some furniture along with a few odds and ends. Worse yet, you’ve realized you have too many things to store in the garage or the shed outside. That is about the time I start looking for storage space near me. Finding a self-storage unit is easy by using Storage Seeker. You'll find places near you that are ideal for storing extra furniture and unused items while still providing you with easy access to your precious possessions.

The Little Things

Your gym would be perfect if not for the little things scattered about the room. Unfortunately, you’ve used every nook, cranny and ounce of shelf space available. The good news is you can mount a small shoe organizing on the wall and use the pockets to store your weight clamps, ankle and wrist weights and other various accessories. That easily, you can shed the clutter and enjoy the order of your personalized home gym.