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All you want to do is prepare for the little bundle of joy you’re expecting, but the tight space in your house has turned everything into an exhausting chore. Rather than trying to decide what you can live with and what to get rid of, turn to your creative nature. After all, repurposing furniture and finding new ways to stack your storage is better than crying over lost furniture.

Repurposing Furniture

You have some beautiful pieces of furniture, but you’re worried you’ll have to give them up to make room for the coming baby. Alternatively, you could repurposing some things. For example, turn your armoire into a baby changing station with ease. The drawers are deal for storing diapers, baby wipes, diaper rash medicine and clothes. All the top section needs to become the perfect changing station is a changing table pad. If you don’t have a changing pad, visit to IvanSmith Furniture in Arcadia, Louisiana to find one along with anything else you need.

Stackable Storage

Vertical storage is an ideal way to create room where space is limited. It’s also the perfect way to make sure your baby has everything he or she deserves while keeping the nursery nice, neat and organized. In fact, an Epergne is a creative way to store diapers, socks, stocking and baby toys. Another idea you may consider is using modular wire stacking bin baskets to organize onesies, sleepers, bibs and anything else you can imagine. If you’re opposed to wire, you can select plastic or wooden versions of the above and decorate them to blend in with the nursery’s decor.

Vintage Logic

As a parent, you know the wisdom of preparing for the future and buying clothes, shoes and toys your baby will enjoy in a few months. The problem is your home’s limited space gives you few storage options. Rather than put away your vintage suitcases, use them to store clothes, shoes and other items. They don’t take up much space when stacked up against a wall. More importantly, they may well provide your growing baby with hours of safe entertainment and puzzle solving.

The Art of Creating Space

At times, you’re at wits end in your attempts to make room for your baby. The simple truth is you’ve collected more than you’d realized over the years. Understandably, you’re having a hard time getting rid of some of your things. You don’t have to either. A local storage facility is a great place to store your precious possessions until you have room for them. In the future, you can store anything your baby outgrows until the day your anxiously await the arrive of your next little bundle of joy.