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The Charity of Vintage

Vintage clothing is not always easy to find despite its popularity, but you may be overlooking a few hidden treasures such as church charity sales. Indeed, they are one of the best places to look as many people donate older clothing. In fact, you just might walk away with a fortunate in vintage at very little cost to yourself. Additionally, flea markets may have more in vintage stock than you ever thought. Better yet, they often keep their clothing stock in an indoor storage unit to ensure items are in good condition.

Vintage Thrift

Thrift stores can become the find of a lifetime thanks to the likelihood they carry otherwise difficult to find items, including vintage clothing. Better yet, thanks to the quirkiness of some thrift store owners, their stores are quirky, unique and specialized. The Thrift Shopper, is an excellent resource to find thrift stores in your area.

Garage Sale Finds

A garage sale doesn't seem a likely place to find anything vintage, but stop and consider what you have stuffed away at home. You also have to keep in mind, the person holding the garage sale may have stumbled across boxes filled with clothes from a couple of generations ago. Understanding this, stopping at a garage sale or two may be the wisest thing to do. In the end, you might walk away with a selection of vintage clothing you never dreamed of actually owning. There are many different websites to help you find garage sales in your area.

Online Treasures

If you can't find a local store that carries what you need, the best place to look is the Internet. This is especially true of vintage clothing. In fact, you'll probably find your best selection online thanks to the countless vintage clothing stores found all over the world. After that, you just need to decide what fashion decade you prefer and determine your budget. The good news is, you can always rent an indoor storage unit to keep your vintage wardrobe safe.