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With summer right around the corner, many people want to redecorate their homes. If you are one of them, you can get the perfect start by repainting a room. Depending on where you buy paint and the brand,  it may only cost you $200-$300, making it an affordable way to give your home a fresh touch.

Painting can be a challenge though, especially trying to do so while maneuvering around all of your belongings. Consider renting a self storage unit, which can give you the space you need to get the job done. Here are some helpful hints that will help you get ready to paint:

Control Your Clutter

Before you start on your painting mission, give some serious thought to the contents of the room. Even a fresh coat of paint will not help a room if it is going to stay a cluttered mess. If you get your whole family involved in de-cluttering, then you will not be overwhelmed. When you take an honest look at your possessions, you probably do not even use a majority of them.

Take three big boxes and mark them as Keep, Donate, and recycle. Go through every closet and drawer in the room and categorize them in the boxes. Remember that if you have not used or worn something in 6 months, there is no reason to keep it. If the item is too worn to donate and it cannot be recycled, pitch it in your dumpster.


Load up all of your Donate things and take them to your nearest thrift store. This also includes outdated or unused furniture. Many thrift stores will pick up donated furniture and appliances if you call them. If there are some things that you think would bring in some money, put it in the Save pile. These are things you can send to a consignment shop or list on an online auction site.


Now that you have the things you are going to keep, see what things you have that can be put into storage. A storage unit is great for storing all of your seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, and extra furniture. Your things will be safe and secure until you need them. If you must keep larger pieces of furniture in the room, cover them with drop clothes for protection.

When Your Room Is Finished

After the paint has dried and you are admiring the new color, it is time to reorganize the room. You can bring out certain pieces from your storage unit that will fit well in your new style. The fun thing about keeping things in storage is that you can rotate certain pieces or collections to give your room a fresh look anytime you want!