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Even though storage rental rates have gone up typically in Linden, that does not mean all storage facilities there have raised their prices. There was an average price increase of 13.4% over the past week. You can compare prices at many different places using StorageSeeker and perhaps reserve a space at a spot farther from your location can save you some cash. There are different rents charged for different space sizes also, which can possibly lessen some expenses as well. If you are in a position to fit your items right into a more compact space size, that may help reduce a few of the influence of climbing market storage prices in Linden. One method to check up on this in the home can be to rope off the measurements of several space dimensions in your car port or living area to check on if the cardboard boxes and various other items you should store will fit in. In the event that you believed you required a 150 square feet unit, perchance you might possibly fit all your stuff right into a 100 square foot unit? You can make an outline of those two unit sizes using tape and observe if you think items will fit. You can also compare all available unit sizes on StorageSeeker and perhaps there is an odd-sized unit that is close to what you need that has not increased as much in price.