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Moving this spring? Don’t panic! These 10 simple tips will help you pack like a pro.

1.) Boxes, Please!

Visit your local grocery store after shipments arrive to see if you can take some of their boxes, or visit a nearby self-storage facility to purchase some at a low price. You can also utilize your own laundry baskets, trash bins and suitcases to help transport some of your belongings.

2.) Fragile Care

While bubble wrap and newspaper are effective for wrapping your fragile belongings, consider using some items you already have at home, such as towels, t-shirts, socks and bed sheets, to cushion your most delicate decor.

3.) Fill ‘em up!

Place spices and small kitchen items inside pots and pans to help save space. You can even use oven mitts and dish towels to help wrap sharp cutlery.

4.) Say Cheese…

Take pictures of your electronics set up and attach the photo to them when you pack up to leave… this way, you aren’t struggling to figure out which wires go where when you arrive at your new pad.

5.) Keep Things Together

Who says you need to empty your silverware from it’s bin or remove snacks from their storage containers? Wrap it up in saran wrap and pack it as is, saving your the hassle of placing each individual item back when you arrive at your new home.

6.) Color Coordinate Boxes

Color coordinate your boxes/bins based on the room they will be in so that you can keep your boxes organized within a storage unit, and easily find them when they arrive at your new place. Be sure to have them clearly marked, on all sides!

7.) Run, list! Run!

Keep a running list of the items you have within each box so that you can unpack items of high priority first, finding them with ease.

8.) Utilize Self Storage

If you are packing while you have people viewing your home, or if you need a place to keep items between your move, rent a self storage unit. With sizes designed to fit any budget, and 24/7 security, you can rest assured your items will remain safe without breaking the bank.

9.) Reputable Movers

There are countless horror stories out there, so be sure your movers have a plethora of positive reviews, as well as provide you the details of your move in writing. Remember, a reputable company will typically send a representative to your home in order to gauge the amount of truck space needed and offer an accurate estimate/quote. If the company you are in conversation with has not and will not do that, you may want to move on (pun intended)!

10.) Budget for Take Out

Let’s face it, packing and unpacking are your priority, so rather than blow your budget with unexpected food purchases, work several days of take out/delivery into it so that you don’t face any surprises.

With some creative storage ideas and a little extra planning, your move is bound to go off without a hitch! Unless of course, you need one!

Happy moving!