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With the cost of living increasing drastically each year, more and more people are choosing to live in smaller apartments and homes in an effort to save money on housing. Since tiny-space living the hip thing to do, millions of people are wondering how to keep their small-home or apartment organized and free from clutter, when there is minimal place to store belongings. The answer is by renting a self storage unit nearby.

Storage locations are available in nearly every neighborhood, and prices are designed to fit any budget, so finding a unit that works for your home is simple. Most units offer 24-7 video surveillance as well as full climate control and keylock/keypad entry systems, so you can rest assured knowing your belongings are safe (at a minimal price).

Here are 3 ways renting a self-storage can help ease tiny-living.

1.) The Ability to Rotate Seasonal Items

Rather than storing your seasonal items, such as clothing and decor at home, placing them within a self-storage unit provides you with the opportunity to rotate items around as you need them, keeping your home clutter-free and organized.

2.) Continue to Enjoy Your Outdoor Lifestyle or Hobbies

Love being outdoors to camp, kayak or bike ride? Enjoy scrapbooking, art or collecting trains, memorabilia or other keepsakes? Items can be easily stored away in a self-storage unit. Take belongings out when you need them, keep them away when you don’t. Piece of cake.

3.) No Need to Get Rid of Items You Have Use For

Items you don’t necessarily need on a regular basis but genuinely do have use for typically take up most of your space. You can place items away in your self storage unit for when you need them, without having them take up the bulk of your living area.

Ashley McGuire states in her NY Post OP piece, Living small — why bigger homes brew unhappiness, “Learning to live on less in a culture that thinks bigger is always better can be a challenge. But what you can gain in return — a shorter commute, a vibrant city to explore just outside your door, friendships with neighbors you’d hardly otherwise see, and, often, more money, more free time and more mental space, are worth it.”

By utilizing a self-storage unit for belongings you are in need of, you can help your living arrangement — however small — remain a cutter-free sanctuary you look forward to coming home to each evening!

To your newly organized, tiny home! Enjoy!