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Planning on moving into a new home this summer? You’re not alone. According to Moving Labor, 80 million people move each year, with over 80% of them moving during summer months. Trulia agrees, stating that for 2018, “The housing market should be just as strong this summer as it’s been all spring”. Why is summer the best time to move?

1.) More Relaxed Work Schedule

With work schedules at ease and vacation time readily available, families feel more relaxed taking the necessary time from work to make a move. In fact, with more and more companies offering employees summer Fridays, some individuals are able to work their move into their job schedule, alleviating the stress of having to take time off.

2.) Kids Home From School

Families do not need to worry about pulling kids from their current school midyear, which can cause parents and children alike a great deal of stress. Allowing children to start a new school fresh with the new year will help make their move less traumatic, giving them a positive start.

3.) Better Weather

Blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes…not during the summer! Summer months typically have the most consistent, non-threatening weather patterns, making a move (especially one with some distance) far easier. Other than ensuring you and your moving crew remain hydrated, there’s typically very little intense weather activity. While nothing is impossible (Mother Nature can be a bit moody), you and your family will likely be in the clear.

If you do decide to move this summer, a self-storage unit can help you remain organized, especially if:

  • You are renovating the home your are selling or moving into
  • Moving into a temporary location
  • Looking to make your home appear more spacious to potential buyers

With sizes designed to fit any budget, you’re certain to find a storage unit that will help make your move a breeze. And remember, though moving can be a stressful time, Chuck Palahniuk says to, “Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.”

By taking the necessary steps to keep your move on track, embracing the chaos, and smiling through the challenges, your move is certain to be a successful one-with many happy memories for you and your family to share.

To a summer move!