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Did you know that US consumers:

Buy 40% of the world’s toys, but bear only 3% of the world’s children.

Wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time.

Don’t have enough room to park two cars within their 2-car garage.

More and more Americans are filling their homes to the brim, causing people to feel drained and frustrated, as well as anxious, helpless and overwhelmed.  In fact, a recent study of adults age 20-50 found that clutter led to a “…significant decrease in satisfaction with life…”

If you’re ready to feel great by tackling clutter within your home, summer is the best time to do so. Paul Ryan once said, “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” With the kids home from school and work schedules more relaxed, you CAN be successful at de-cluttering your home since everyone in your family can help, making the process quick and easy!

It all comes down to starting small and following 3 tips: Save. Store. Shake.


First, assign each family member one small area to sort through to determine what items to save. Items should have a genuine plan or purpose for use within the next 3-6 months. Then, decide how each individual item is best suited to fit within your home in order to maximize space. Is it best kept within a closet or bin? Are there particular containers that would work well?


If the item doesn’t fit within your home, but is something worth keeping (such as sports equipment or seasonal decor), consider heading to your local storage facility. With climate controlled, secure units available in nearly every price range, finding one that works for you and your family is simple.


And if the item is of no use to you? Shake it off, and don’t look back! Items in good condition can be donated to any non-profit, and junk should simply be tossed. Remember, clutter will not bring you happiness. In the words of Helen Keller, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt within the heart.”

So take some time this summer to Save. Store. Shake. It’s that simple!

To a clutter-free and happy summer!

Aaah, summer – that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It’s a time to hunt for insects, master handstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer trees, explore nooks and crannies, and make new friends.” -Darell Hammond