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Dear Storage Seeker:

I have started college this year, and I would be lying if I said I am not a little bit nervous. I want my college experience to be a good one, and while my roommates seem nice and I have been making some friends, I am anxious about the whole thing. Everyone seems a bit more put together and sure of themselves than I do, and my tiny living quarters make me feel that much more confined. Thanks for your help.

Missing Home.

Dear Missing Home:

Thank you for your honesty.

1.) You are not alone; everyone feels apprehensive and unsure.

So stand up tall, and know you are at your school because you worked hard to get yourself there. Decide right here and now that you are going to seize each day to make the most of it! Not everyone has it together. Your peers are feeling just as unsure of themselves as you are. It’s called “imposter syndrome,” and quite frankly, we all deal with it.

2.) Find ways to maximize space so that your living arrangement is more comfortable.

Dorms are small – like notoriously small, so we understand your need for space. You said that you and your roommates seem to have hit it off. Perhaps, you should consider renting a self-storage unit close to campus with one another. Doing so will help you maximize space for items you need each day while providing you with a place to store things when you head back home for the summer. Units are affordable – especially if you are splitting the cost, and well worth the minor expense each month.

3.) Study hard and have new experiences.

In order to enjoy your college experience, we recommend two things:

  • Study hard. Yes, we know you “know” that, but the temptation to party and do whatever you want to do, academics aside, will be there. No matter what you decide to do socially, always place your major first – setting aside time to tend to your studies every day. Trust us when we say you will regret not putting more effort into your schoolwork in the future.

  • Join clubs and groups that are outside of your comfort zone. College is about having new experiences. Branch out to meet and understand people with different beliefs and viewpoints, and be open to learning new things. This is your time to determine what you want to believe for yourself, and meeting people from all walks of life is a part of that. It’s exciting, to say the least! So join clubs, attend events, and visit groups throughout the week.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Just think – this is your time to shine, both individually and collectively, as you head out on this journey. Through confidence, some storage solutions, a focus on your studies, and a dedication to expanding your awareness, your college career will be a good one.

We wish you all the best!