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3 Storage Solutions For Your College Dorm

Heading off to college? Your dreams may be big, but your dorm will be small!

According to Dorm Life: Living in 114 square feet, “Dormitory rooms at colleges and universities usually average about 12-by-19 feet….” providing about “…228 square feet of living space…” for you and your roommate, combined! In case your math skills aren’t as great as they should be (we see a Liberal Arts degree in your future!), that’s not a lot of room! In fact, it isn’t any room at all, which is why students across the country are expressing concern, demanding more spacious living quarters.

Before universities get on board with student demands, finding ways to maximize space within existing dorm rooms is not only necessary, but possible! Take a look at these 3 simple storage solutions to help make your dorm life a comfortable one:

Be Minimal

American television host and radio personality Alexis Stewart once said, “The more storage you have, the more stuff you accumulate.” One of the benefits of having a small dorm is that you are encouraged to be limited with the amount of stuff you bring in and hold on to. With less opportunities to hoard, the items you keep should have meaning and purpose.

Get Creative

People always look around a room at eye level when trying to determine where to put items. Instead of limiting your viewpoint, consider utilizing the space above and below with extra shelving, hooks, bins and baskets. Over the door storage, stacked hangers, shoe caddies and more can be used to organize jewelry, papers, and clothing, as well as miscellaneous belongings. Best of all, these items are readily available at minimal cost, allowing you to maximize space without breaking the bank.

Off-Site Solution

Renting a storage unit can provide you and your roommates with more space for the items you need on a regular basis but don’t have room for, such as sports equipment or seasonal clothing. Best of all, renting a unit enables you to keep items on campus when the year is through instead of lugging them back home.

By being mindful of the items you bring and keep, getting creative with the space you have, and renting a mini-storage unit close to campus, you can keep that tiny dorm of yours clutter free and organized!

To a successful and spacious college career!