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If you are feeling overwhelmed keeping everything on track for your home and family, you’re not alone. According to a recent study, U.S. mom’s are the most stressed in the western world, with another study confirming that parents reach their maximum stress threshold 6 times daily, as “Getting kids to bed, doing the weekly food shop and meal times” are their  “biggest stress triggers.”

While raising a family and managing the daily details to keep a home running smoothly can be stressful, these 3 simple tips will help alleviate your workload:

Most people view meal planning as a major chore, but that’s simply not the case. Meal planning provides you with a full itinerary for your meals each week, allowing you to shop smart, alleviate waste, and proactively prepare. In fact, Psychology Today says that planning your meals to cook at home is, “…a means to achieve personal satisfaction while also providing sustenance for you, your friends, and your family.”


There is no reason the cleanliness of an entire home should fall on the shoulders of one person. Create a responsibility chart (with both adults and children listed) and write down what each family member is responsible for each week. To make it fun, consider a special treat you can all enjoy together if everyone accomplishes their assigned tasks (such as an ice cream date or family movie night).


Researchers that have explored the relationship between families and items within their homes, have found that most homes are overflowing with unused items, resulting in an overwhelming amount of personal stress. If you want to clear out and de-clutter your home, tackle one area a day, determining which items are worth keeping, which ones are worth donating and which ones need to be discarded. If your home is simply too small for items that you have a genuine plan and purpose for, such as seasonal clothing, seasonal decor, sports equipment or collectibles and memorabilia, rent mini-storage nearby so that you can maximize space within your home for items needed on a regular basis.

With a little meal planning, a set cleaning schedule to adhere to and some off-site storage, your home will feel more spacious and organized, and life will be a little less chaotic.

To a happy, healthy home!