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With the little minions out of school, a never-ending array of play-dates, pool-dates, and late summer nights make the idea of keeping your home organized seem impossible. Never fear! These 3 simple tips to keep your home running smoothly are certain to minimize clutter, leaving your mind at ease… well, somewhat at ease. Cause kids are crazy and we can’t fix crazy. We can only fix messes.

Snack Time System

Do you ever feel as if your day begins and ends in the kitchen? “Bring me this, bring me that… I’m hungry, I’m thirsty… Not that snack… There’s nothing to eat…” yadda, yadda, yadda. Yeah, we’ve all been there. Rather than engage in the snack-time-shuffle, designate bins for each child placing set snacks for the day. Your kids can pick what they want (parent approved) allowing you more time to tend to other things (which still may involve the kitchen, but at least you won’t be running back and forth!)

Keep Toys Fresh

“These toys are boring… There’s nothing to play with… Can’t you clean up?” Cut the madness by renting a self storage unit in your area that you can use to rotate your children’s toys every other week. By doing so, your children will engage more with their belongings, feeling as if they have new toys to play with (even though they are not new at all). Best of all, there will be less clutter within your home, meaning less to clean up. A total parent win.

Get Out!

That’s right. Get those kids OUT of the house! The world is your oyster, so dig in and explore, even if that is merely scouting for bugs in your yard. With libraries, museums, zoos, parks and churches offering countless opportunities for summer fun (many of which are at little or no cost) there’s no reason not to wear those little savages out with a fun-filled day outdoors (keeping your home pretty clean, since they’re not running around in it).

With a little prepping and planning, a storage rental, and some creative out-of-the-house ideas, YOU will feel organized and clutter-free, and your kids will have a summer to remember. So build that pillow fort, take your kids to that dinosaur exhibit and set up a snack system filled with healthy treats (mixed with some summertime favorites of course), cause summer is all about fun and you’re about to have tons!

You’ve got this!