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Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of the new school year? You’re not alone. According to The New York Post, “Six in 10 parents are so worried about their child that they’ve lost sleep in the back-to-school season” with 57% of the 2,000 parents surveyed finding “…the back-to-school season to be the most stressful part of the year.”

While the idea of getting your kids ready for school can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Northwestern Medicine says that stress is typically caused by having no routine in place, and since people are creatures of habit, routines offer a way to “…promote health and wellness through structure and organization.” They go on to say that, “…having a routine can greatly improve your health.”

In other words: getting your home in order by developing a routine can help alleviate unnecessary stress, making the school year run smoothly for your entire family. If you’re ready to alleviate stress by getting your home into a good routine, consider these 3 helpful tips:

De-Clutter Your Home

With work schedules more relaxed and the kids home from school, summer is the perfect time to tackle the clutter within your home before the chaotic school year begins. Start small, assigning each member of your family with the task of organizing a specific closet or room, sorting items into keep, donate, and discard piles.

For items you genuinely have a need for, but are too large to store at home (such as seasonal decor and sports equipment), consider renting mini-storage to help maximize space for daily belongings. Best of all, with climate-controlled storage located in almost every neighborhood, finding one that is nearby and affordable is simple.

Assign Jobs Within Your Home

Create a responsibility chart for you and your family, listing every member of your household and their responsibilities each week. Doing so demonstrates that taking care of your home is something each person is responsible for, not just the adults. If everyone completes their tasks, think of a fun activity your family can enjoy together—even if it’s merely a trip to a favorite snow cone shop with one another.

Meal Planning

Planning your meals in advance will not only help you spend less time and money  grocery shopping, but it will help you waste less food throughout the week too, saving you money each month. For weeknight dinners, consider using a multi-cooker or slow cooker to make home-cooked meals less of a hassle with your busy schedule.

With a little planning, some off-site storage, and some responsibility assigning, this school year will be one that you feel in control of.

To a successful and stress-free school year!