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According to Angie’s List, summer is the best time of year for families to remodel the interior of their home since they can take a vacation to avoid, “…all the unpleasant inconveniences of living with a renovation and come back to a brand new addition!”

However convenient renovating during the summer may be, renovations can be incredibly stressful. Infact, This Old House eloquently states that, “There’s a certain point during a renovation—sawdust is falling, decisions are pressing and checks are flying out of the checkbook—when a homeowner’s temperature reaches its boiling point and the meltdown begins.”

In order to keep stress to a minimum when renovating your home, consider these 3 simple tips:

Have a Plan

Domain says in Don’t blow the budget: How to avoid spending all your money on renovating half your house that, “…blowing the budget is almost inevitable for first-time renovators, who have limited experience in costing a project and may overlook the importance of accurate budgeting.” They recommend prioritizing your planning, deciding what to scrimp on and what to splurge on, and setting aside a contingency as the main ways to ensure you remain on point financially.

Get Numerous Referrals

The best way to find a contractor is by obtaining referrals from people who have used them before. Ask friends, family and neighbors for recommendations. You can even use a neighborhood message board such as Nextdoor to find businesses that have positive reviews. Keep in mind that going with the lowest bid isn’t always the best idea. Choose a contractor that provides a fair price and service combination along with positive recommendations.

Utilize Storage

Consider renting a self storage unit to increase your work space and keep your belongings damage-free. This is especially helpful if you are preparing your home to sell, enabling you to store your boxes and stage your home as needed. Best of all, if you are travelling while work is being completed, you can rest assured that personal items will remain secure, without walking away..

While American Television Personality Ginger Zee has said that she finds, “…home renovations almost traumatic…” they don’t have to be! By sticking to your budget, finding a reputable contractor and storing belongings off-site, you can help minimize the stress from your renovation, making the process more enjoyable for all.

Happy renovating!