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In just a few short weeks, an influx of items are about to hit your door, making a home that’s already struggling to remain organized a nightmare to tackle. These useful tips will help you decide what to get rid of, donate and store, with some easy ideas to get your belongings in order.

Keep. Donate. Discard.

As you tackle each closet or room in your home, create three piles to sort items into. If you (genuinely) can foresee yourself or a loved one using a particular item within the next six months, place it in your keep pile. Remember, these are items that you have a realistic purpose and plan for, not belongings you are unsure about.

Items that you do not need, but feel others may, should be placed within your donate pile. Your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, as well as different non-profit organizations, can typically find use for most items that are in good condition. Depending on the item and how your taxes are filed, you may actually qualify to write your donation off, helping with your overall refund. As always speak with your tax professional to determine what is best for your situation.

And everything else? Discard, and don’t think twice. The goal here is to de-clutter, not hang on to. While it may be challenging to let certain items go, think about the freedom you will feel by not allowing possessions to rule your life. Memories do not need to be attached to things to make us happy, they only need to be attached to our hearts.

“The more your own things, the more they own you” –Unknown

How to Organize What You Keep

Use color coordinated bins, accessory holders and closet organizers to help you keep your belongings in order. Utilize walls in closets with peg boards, or high shelving with some collapsable containers. You can even purchase drawer or under-the-bed organizers to help you maximize space.

For seasonal items, consider renting a self-storage unit within your neighborhood to rotate belongings into throughout the year. With different sizes and price points available, finding one that works perfectly for your family will be easy, leaving you more space for items you need to have readily at hand.

If renting storage, be sure to keep a running checklist of items you place within, clearly marking boxes to ensure you are able to find what you need. Check out our post, How to Keep Your Storage Unit Organized, for some more tips and tricks.

Make Staying Organized a Priority

As the season comes to a close, make a point to continuously de-clutter your home as you go. Keep the list of threes in mind as you accumulate belongings the whole year through, asking yourself if this item is one you should keep, donate or discard.

Good order is the foundation of all things. –Edmund Burke

With organization a focal point for things you need to keep, and a willingness to let go of things you don’t, this holiday season will be one that won’t leave you stressed over space.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!