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The holiday season is upon us! Christmas tunes blasting and cookies galore, nostalgia certainly sets in as we cherish our time with those we hold dear. These festive DIY holiday ideas will  bring the whole family together, helping you and your children make memories that will last a lifetime.


Finding crafts that are easy enough for the kids to partake in (while pretty enough to display) can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but this list of 60 unique ideas are certainly a great place to start. From making a Christmas plate for Santa, to creating a beautiful snowman out of boxes, these crafts will brighten your home and your holiday season the whole winter through.

Remember, little ones can always help with simple tasks, such as color coordinating supplies, using stickers or selecting accent pieces, so give them a job to do and watch them light up. And if your Santa has a beard on his bottom, just sit back and smile, knowing your Picasso has created a masterpiece. It will be conversation starter for years to come!


Yes! There are such things as tasty treats without the hassle of baking. Just mix together these creative snack ideas for the holidays to keep your kids entertained from Thanksgiving until the New Year. With reindeer pretzels, elf treats and fruity snowmen on the menu (something healthy!), the wee ones will be pleased (and mom and dad will be too).

If your kids are a bit older or fairly neat in the kitchen, consider letting them whip up some of these items as party appetizers or as gifts for family and friends! A special treat, made with love,  that didn’t break the bank. We call that a win-win!


Keep it simple, finding a common color or theme to coordinate your decor. Give each member of the family a task, allowing them to pick items to decorate a particular area as per your theme. If using exterior lighting, ensure outlets and extension cords are made to face the elements in order to avoid a
hazardous situation.

Between all of your lighting, inflatables, figurines, nativities and dueling snowmen fighting an epic star wars battle (we know you’re that cool), finding a place to keep your decor when the season is up can be difficult. By renting a self storage unit, you can keep your belongings safe and secure until the next holiday season, maximizing your space at home for items you need the whole year through. 


Ornaments and scrapbooks are wonderful mementos for your kids to make to remember the holiday season or bless someone you love. With some extra attention to detail and a delicate touch, your handcrafted decor and albums will have real meaning for each member of your family. Perfection is not necessary, just an enthusiastic heart.

“Maybe Christmas, he thought… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more!”
-Dr. Seuss

These easy ideas to help you enjoy your holiday and remain organized thereafter are certain to make this Christmas season one to remember. We wish you the brightest of holidays!