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With college just around the corner, these 10 dorm room hacks to help you save space and store belongings are certain to make your dorm life a breeze!

1.) Metal Containers As Magnets

Purchase some adhesive magnetic tape to make tea tins or other metal containers into magnets that can be easily placed on your fridge to store small, miscellaneous items, such as jewelry, office supplies, hair accessories, chargersyou name it!

2.) Shower Rods In Closets

Maximize closet space by placing shower rods below the closet rod already there, giving you an additional location to hang your clothing. You can even stack your hangers to help you store as many articles of clothing as possible!

3.) Hang ‘em up!

Don’t leave your hamper on the floor! Purchase a laundry bag that you can hang on the back of your closet door to give you some more floor space. Try hanging up numerous bags to sort your darks, whites and colors in real time, saving you the hassle of doing it later.

4.) Split a Storage Unit

Rent a self storage unit with your roommate or other friends to keep costs down, giving you a place to store seasonal items, sports equipment or anything else you might need. Best of all, when the school year is through, you can leave most of your belongings within storage for the following year, rather than lugging items back and forth to your home.

5.) Beyond the Shower…

Hang a shower caddy or two (even more if you like!) along wall space for an easy storage solution for books, electronics and more. You can have one for yourself, one for your roommate and one for shared items, giving you some quick and easy options for belongings you don’t want to just leave lying around.

6.) Under the bed

Loft your bed so that you can store shoes, bins, textbooks and other belongings underneath. That dorm room is going to be tight, every bit of space counts!

7.) Shower Hooks on Hangers?

You heard that right! Line a hanger with shower hooks for an easy way to hang up belts, scarves, undergarments, purses… you name it! The sturdier the hanger and the hooks, the more creative you can be.

8.) Study Nook

Be sure to create a space that you feel comfortable spreading out to study in, when you don’t feel like cramming in a common area or the library. Remember, your studies come firstso finding the space and time for that is well, key!

9.) Secret Bin

Get an ottoman that also serves as a storage bin. It will be great for extra seating, as well as hiding belongings you don’t exactly want in view.

10.) Over the bed storage

People tend to look at eye level when trying to figure out where to place items, but in a dorm, you need to look up!  Place secure shelving above your bed as another location to store your belongings for easy access.

Life is the most exciting opportunity we have. But we have one shot. You graduate from college once, and that’s it. You’re going out of that nest. And you have to find that courage that’s deep, deep, deep in there. Every step of the way.” Andrew Shue

To a successful, well-organized college career! Happy learning!