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In 2018, nearly 19.9 million students packed up their belongings and headed off to college, a number that has steadily increased each year. While more and more graduates are making the decision to pursue higher education, students (and parents alike) experience a wide array of emotions, feeling nervous, excited, and anxious as they prepare to move away from home into campus life.

Will I fit in?

What will I learn?

Will I be successful?

While we can’t help you figure out your purpose, potential or future (sorry to disappoint!), we can provide some tips and tricks to help make the transition to college dorm life a bit easier.


Most universities provide the contact information for roommates in advance, allowing you the opportunity to get to know your roommate(s) better, as well as coordinate logistics. Before speaking with your roommate(s), check with your family and friends to see what items they may have on hand to pass along or gift for use in your dorm. Once you and your roomie(s) know what you already have available to use, you can figure out what you each need to buy, saving you time and money.


Finding ways to keep your dorm clutter-free can be a challenge, which is why it is imperative you and your roommate(s) set a schedule of chores to ensure things run smoothly. By developing a routine you and your roommate(s) agree on, you’ll remain on the same page, keeping things neat and tidy while avoiding any unnecessary arguments.


Spoiler alert.

Your dorm room will be small.

Like, ridiculously small, so you’ll need to find creative ways to maximize space.  

For larger items such as sports equipment or seasonal clothing, most students rent self-storage units close to campus, helping them keep their dorm clutter free at a minimal cost. Plus, when it’s time to head back home, students keep items that they will need for the following year within storage, saving them the hassle of lugging items back and forth from home.

Space Saving

In addition to utilizing a storage facility, there are several different creative ideas to help you maximize space within your dorm room, using everyday items you already have access to. Under the bed storage, layered hangers, closet door organizers and more, can help you and your roommate(s) make the most out of tiny living, giving you the room you need without breaking the bank.

With a little extra planning, your college career is off to a great start, with a dorm room that is neat, organized and clutter-free!

Happy dorming!