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According to online real estate authority Trulia, spring and summer are the most popular times for families to move, which is no surprise! With warmer weather, a lighter work schedule and the school season coming to an end, it’s simple to get everyone on board!

While it may be easier to get a family together and prepared for a move during the warmer months, there are many organizational hurdles each family has to face when preparing to move, especially if they are moving far away or renovating.

Here are 5 reasons families choose to rent a self storage unit in order to keep all components of  their move on track.

Out of State:

When a family is moving out of state, they frequently move into a temporary home or apartment building while they look for a more permanent place to reside. Keeping belongings in self-storage provides them with the flexibility of moving somewhere small, saving them money for a few months since they don’t need to immediately find a place that will fit all of their stuff… a major win for their wallet.

Renovating Home:

Whether they are renovating their home to sell or conducting renovations on the home they are moving to, renting a storage unit provides contractors with more room to work while simultaneously keeping belongings safe from walking off site. With a large percentage of thefts happening during home renovations, families can never be too secure!

Staging Home:

Staging a home helps ensure a family can receive the highest price possible for their home by making it appear more spacious to potential buyers. Using an off-site facility to keep boxes, large furniture items and more makes the process of staging easy.

Unpack Leisurely:

By keeping a running list of items within storage, a family can unpack necessary items quickly and get to other items on their own time as needed, resulting in less chaos and stress. This is incredibly helpful for families with small children!

Store Items Year Long:

Seasonal clothing, decor, memorabilia, sports equipment and more can be stored outside of their home safely year round, maximizing space for items needed daily. Best of all, with sizes designed to fit any budget, storage is affordable for all.

How can self-storage help your family as you prepare to move? Contact your local facility today to find out!