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According to My University Hospital Care, moving is one of the top 5 stressful life events a person can undergo. To put things into perspective, it’s listed just beneath death of a loved one and divorce, and just before a major illness diagnosis. Check it out for yourself!

Believe it or not, utilizing a self storage unit when moving can help keep your move more organized, alleviating unnecessary stress and worry. Here’s how:

1.) Keep Renovations Simple

Are you renovating various aspects of your current home before you move out of it, or making changes to your new home before you move in? Renting a self-storage unit can help you keep your belongings secure, providing contractors with more room to work without having to worry about shuffling your items around.

2.) Make Your Home Appear More Spacious

Staging your home is of the utmost importance when moving, which is why keeping your personal belongings and moving boxes out of sight are necessary. Renting a self-storage unit allows you to do just that, helping your home appear more spacious and less cluttered to potential buyers.

3.) Not Moving to a Permanent Location?

Sometimes people need to rent or reside in a temporary location prior to making their main move, which is why self-storage is key. Items you don’t need to unpack, or can’t even make room for, can be safely stored in a nearby unit until you make your more permanent move.

4.) Keep Moving Boxes Organized

Instead of keeping boxes in a cramped garage that you need access to or lined within rooms of your home (a bad move if you’re showing it), you can organize them in order of high priority within your self storage unit, making unpacking a whole lot easier.

5.) Unpack At Your Leisure

You don’t have to feel as if your living among boxes when you move into your new place. Simply bring boxes back with you from storage that you need to unpack and leave the ones you don’t, helping your move feel a bit less overwhelming.

By renting a self-storage unit, your move will run smoother, minimizing stress during this seemingly chaotic time. And remember, this season is not forever. You will be warm and comfy  in your new home soon!

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” Mother Teresa

Happy moving!