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So the holidays have passed, and your New Years’ resolution to get fit has come and gone. You feel a bit guilty, but with spring just a few weeks away, there is still time to get yourself healthy and in shape! These 5 simple tips can help:

1.) Don’t get hung up on working out for hours per day, small steps count as exercise, too!

Who has the time for long workouts? Instead of trying to map out long exercise sessions, consider engaging in shorter, intentional routines that can help elevate your heart rate. Some suggestions are using the stairs instead of the elevator, taking your dog out for an additional, fast-paced walk, walking after dinner each night, and engaging in 5-10 minutes of cardio in the morning to kick-start your day. These are all manageable activities, that with some consistency, can and will become a normal part of your day.

2.) Take time to plan your meals a week ahead in order to avoid unhealthy snacks, fast food, or take out.

Meal planning is an excellent way to avoid snacking on unhealthy treats. Take the time to plan and prepare your meals and snacks each week so that you know exactly what you are eating and when. Doing so will help prevent binging and will enable you to stick to whatever clean and healthy eating regimen you want, ensuring you are taking care of your body.

3.) Set up a designated space to engage in more tedious workouts if that is something you enjoy.

If more intense workouts are your thing, and you quite frankly do not have the room for an at-home gym or sports equipment, consider renting a local self-storage unit. You can work out there daily or simply store your sports equipment off-site for when you are ready to use it. This can provide you with a COVID-19 safe space to exercise while also allowing you to maximize space within your home for other items you may need.

4.) Schedule yourself a cheat day each week – you have to live a little!

Plan for a day where you allow yourself to indulge! A box of chocolates, a scoop of ice cream, a slice of pizza, or your favorite pie – if you fully stop yourself from enjoying anything at all, when given the opportunity, you will throw your entire “healthy eating” regime out the window and chow down like you never have before! Learn how to enjoy these special treats in moderation so that you can live a healthy, long life that is not governed by food.

5.) Take care of your mental health as well, it’s just as important as your physical well-being.

Believe it or not, your physical health is directly tied to your mental well being. Take the necessary steps to address your emotional needs, speaking to a counselor if necessary. This will help you make better decisions, alleviate stress, and be more mindful within your relationships and activities (boosting health and wellness from within).

Remember, you will have both good and bad days, so don’t be discouraged when the bad days hit. Instead, brush yourself off, and pick up where you left off. In the words of English Author H.G. Wells, “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” By starting small, taking the time to plan, utilizing self-storage, and scheduling some “cheats” you are well on your way to a healthier you!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain.