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With all that you have to do to prepare for college, help make packing a breeze with these 5 simple tips.

Get in Touch with Your Roommate ASAP

Once you contact your roommate, you can both determine what items you will bring and share, helping to keep your dorm room costs minimal. The College Planning Group has a list of 16 items you and your roommate can share or split, which include a television, a DVD player, a microwave, a fridge, decor, subscriptions (netflix, hulu, etc), office supplies and more. The sooner you speak with your roommate, the sooner you can prepare.

Utilize Items You Already Have At Home

See if your friends or other family members have extra items at home they don’t need (small fridge, extra microwave, hangers, sheets, old tv). You’d be surprised what people will give away to simply get it off their hands (so what if your TV has a built in VHS player!). You can even find some cheap treasures at a local garage sale.

Create A Detailed Shopping List

Once you’ve determined what you and your roommate are purchasing, and have hit up your family, friends and the neighborhood garage sales for some needed items, create a detailed shopping list of the rest of the items you need in order to stay on track. Remember, most department stores will have sections completely geared towards the college experience, making it easy to get swept away in unnecessary purchases. Stay focused. The last thing you need at this stage is more debt, college is expensive enough!

Think Small – Space is Limited

Remember you will not have a lot of room for yourself, let alone others, so pack light. There are many creative ways to store your items within your dorm once you get there, so think outside of the box and also consider renting…

A Self-Storage Unit

With sizes designed to fit any budget, renting a self-storage unit close to campus will help you remain organized as the seasons change and the semester ends. You can keep seasonal clothing and sports equipment there throughout the school year and also use it to store all of your items when the year comes to an end (saving you the hassle of lugging everything back and forth to your home).

By coordinating with your roommate, welcoming some hand-me-downs, getting creative with your new tiny space and utilizing a
self-storage unit, getting your items prepared and your room ready will be a piece of cake… far easier than graduating Magna Cum Laude or making the Dean’s List. So sit back, relax and know this year is going to be great! To the wonderful world of college! Go get ‘em!