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These local self storage units have a life of their own, serving as the scene of real life horrors that will make this year’s election seem like child’s play. From bizarre to just plain terrifying, you’ll never look at a storage facility on Halloween the same way again!

Caught dead.

The star of Storage Wars, Darrell Sheets, once revealed that he’s had his fair share of spook. He said he, “…actually found a body years ago in like 1988 down in San Diego, California… You know, I don’t really want to talk about it a whole lot, but it wasn’t a pleasant situation. But in this business it does happen. I’ve found ashes, coffins…” Not the prize you expect when you win a bidding war!

Say cheese!

One cleanup company found boxes of old photos and negatives in a storage unit in Hartsdale, New York. But,  “…the negatives aren’t what we think of as negatives today. They [were] glass negatives, which were in use from the mid-1850s through the 1930s.” And within those negatives, were deathbed photos, a popular trend that took place back in the Victorian era.

Spare parts.

In 2012, an Assistant Medical Examiner in Florida was charged with keeping more than 100 body parts within a storage container in Pensacola. There were “Lungs, hearts, tissue samples and 10 brains…” with “body parts from more than 100 people… stored in formaldehyde in plastic containers, specimen cups, trash bags and one part even in a 32-ounce Styrofoam cup from a convenience store.” According to police, some of the containers were cracked and leaking, while others still had patient names and autopsy dates on them.

Cat-nip. Brrr.

In 2016, a man won a storage unit during an auction for $150 and discovered over 40 frozen dead cats inside. One cat was even skinned and placed inside an aluminum tray! The unit was originally owned by a 66 year old woman who paid month to month. The ASPCA took the deceased animals for necropsies, but they had to wait several days for cats thaw out.

Meth Lab.

On February 20, 2020, police responded to reports of a meth lab located within a storage unit right next to an elementary school in Victorville, CA. Their hazmat team confirmed the findings, as authorities continue to search for the culprit. Thankfully, no one was hurt.


We had the opportunity to speak with a paranormal investigator who told us that ghosts are known to attach themselves to important items from the past. As self storage units are sometimes used to keep antiques and other collectibles, ghosts have in fact been known to wander the corridors, feeling displaced and a bit on edge.

Though he asked us not to reveal the location, one story he told us was about a young woman who was seen day and night (by staff and customers alike) walking through the halls of a storage facility. She was reportedly wearing a light pink nightgown, and was holding a small candle, as she wandered the halls holding her neck.

No one was ever able to figure out where she came from, but when one mini-storage unit went to auction, they found an old trunk filled with love letters, as well as a handmade necklace. Bizarrely enough, once the trunk was gone, the ghost was never seen again. To this day, the staff believes she was searching tirelessly for that necklace. They think that “James” who wrote her almost weekly made it for her, his lovely Anna.

In the words of Stephen King, “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”

And you thought self-storage units were boring!

Happy Halloween!