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Are you singing the back to school blues? With early start times, bus schedules, homework, extra-curriculars, social activities and volunteer requirements lurking around the corner, who could blame you! Here are 6 simple ways to help make this school season less stressful:

Order Supplies Online

Big box retailers such as Target not only have school supply lists on hand, but are offering to put together all of the items listed and either ship them to you or have you pick them up free of charge. That’s right! You can avoid the hassle of back to school shopping all together by having the shopping done for you. 

Family Calendar

With inevitable activities, social events, testing schedules and meetings in your future, having a large family calendar displayed within your kitchen or family room is ideal. Doing so will keep everyone on the same page, helping to ensure scheduling conflicts remain at a minimum.

Meal Planning

Planning your meals out each week will not only help you save money, but it will stop the mad-dash of trying to throw something together last minute! If finding the time to cook is a challenge, consider utilizing a multi-cooker or slow cooker, so that you can provide your family wholesome meals with minimal prep. 

Cleaning Schedules

Set up a cleaning schedule listing responsibilities for each member of your family. With chores broken up for everyone to partake in, you may actually get to enjoy your time at home instead of becoming overwhelmed by the housework that needs to take place within it.

Bedtime Routine

If you’ve let things slip over the summer, The National Sleep Foundation suggests, “Starting two weeks before the first day of school” by moving “…your child’s bedtime five to 15 minutes earlier at night. The next morning, wake your child (or set the alarm) an equally incremental number of minutes earlier to match it.  Continue this process every night until your child is waking at the same time that will be necessary once school starts. Keep in mind: Kids ages six to 13 typically need nine to 11 hours of shut-eye per night—so you’ll want to plan a sleep schedule that allows for this.”

Memory Boxes

Create memory boxes to keep all of your children’s art projects and assignments each year so that you can look back on them as they grow older. If space is an issue, you can easily store your memory boxes in mini-storage near by. Storage units typically come climate controlled, with 24-7 security, so you can rest assured that your memories will remain undamaged.

By taking some extra time to plan, delegate and organize, this school year may be your best one yet.  Wishing you happy fall!