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Whether you are planning a major home renovation this spring or a simple one to make some minor updates, these 7 tips to implement a realistic budget, hire a reputable contractor and keep your belongings organized, will help your project run smoothly.

Envision It

Before remodeling, have a vision of what you want your home to look like so that you are not piecing together decor in real time. Understanding what you want and how you want it will not only save you the time of sorting through items and pieces you don’t like, but will help you feel more in charge of your project, rather than along for the ride.

DIY Items

To cut down on costs, determine if there are any aspects of your home renovation you can do yourself, enlisting the help of family and friends. Let’s be realistic, there are some you should never attempt, but if painting or landscaping don’t bother you, save a few bucks and go for it!

Budget Wisely

According to Zillow, a lot more goes into developing a home renovation budget than you may think. Besides understanding exactly how much a particular update may cost, it’s important to weigh all of your financing/budgetary options, including whether or not taking out a home loan is in your best interest as well as accounting for hidden renovation costs.

Find The Best Contractor

Angie’s List, a leading home improvement website, states that finding a bid that works within your budget is only part of the equation. You need to know what specific questions to ask each contractor (such as whether they are licensed AND insured), find a detailed list of consumer recommendations and have a professional contract, detailing the scope of work covered.

Utilize Self Storage

If you are remodeling your entire home, placing your belongings in a local self-storage unit will save you the time and hassle of trying to protect your items from dust and debris, while shuffling them around from room to room as you and your contractor work.

Create a Work-Free Zone

Renovations can be stressful to come home to, so if you are the type of person (or people) who really don’t want to be living in a construction site, consider setting up a “construction free” space in your home to relax in, or even renting a hotel room for a time being.

Manage Well

Remember, your contractor works for you, so continuously checking in to ask questions and ensure you are all on the same page are important part of keeping your project on track.

By envisioning your renovation, setting a budget, finding a reputable contractor and utilizing a self-storage unit, your project will run smoothly, minimizing stress throughout the entire process.

Happy Remodeling!