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Dear Storage Seeker:

I purchased my first condo here in Denver, and I am all set to close in two months. While I am pretty psyched to no longer be a renter, I am a bit nervous about making a mistake during this rent-to-own transition. Any advice you could provide to help make this change go a bit smooth would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

A New Homeowner in Denver


Dear a ‘New Homeowner in Denver’:

First of all, heartfelt congratulations are in order! You have certainly worked hard to get to this point in your life and are likely feeling all kinds of emotions. However, you are right on track to check in regarding the transition from renter to owner. Here are three simple tips to help you avoid any misstep so that your move runs smoothly.


1.) Sit down to review your lease agreement in detail – failure to do so could cost you!

Before you provide notice, be sure to read through your lease agreement thoroughly to know what the terms are for your departure. Look out for the amount of notice needed (30 days, 60 days), as well as the method (sometimes, written notice is required), as well as what qualifications need to be met to receive your security deposit. If you cannot meet the 30 or 60-day notice mark, you may have to pay rent for those months or a small fee (which should also be listed in your lease for your review). 

2.) Pack a little at a time, using this moment as a chance to finally declutter. 

Let’s face it – life can get messy! This is a great time to clean up and clear out, so be sure to declutter by placing items to keep, donate, and discard piles. Consider renting a self-storage unit nearby if you find that an item you need to save may be too large for your new space (such as sports equipment or seasonal decor). As you pack, we recommend focusing on one area of your apartment for 15 to 20 minutes at a time to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. 

3.) Make sure to forward your mail and inform others of your new address. 

Create a list of all who need to be alerted of your address change – such as your employer, doctors, banks, insurance companies, utility companies, etc. this way; you do not miss out on any important notifications. The USPS makes it easy to have your mail forwarded to you online as well, so if you happen to miss informing anyone, you can be sure you receive all you need to. 

By going through your lease agreement, decluttering, and being proactive about changing your address, you are well on your way to homeownership! As always, if you need a self-storage unit, you can compare and reserve units online for free through Storage Seeker!

We wish you all the best!