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If you are heading off to college this year, this summer has some exciting things in store for you! It is a time to connect with old friends, knowing you will be venturing out to make new ones. It is also a time for reflection and personal growth as you think about your future – what you want to be, accomplish, learn and achieve.

While you likely know what college you will be attending, you probably have not started to consider the challenges that go into making such a move – especially if you are attending college out of state. Though moving is never easy, these tips and tricks can help make the transition into dorm life a bit easier.

1.) Connect with your roommate(s).

Towards the end of the summer, your college will provide you with the contact information for your roommate (or roommates). Besides discussing all of your likes and interests, it is best to coordinate what items you will each be bringing. Discussing everything beforehand will prevent you from overpacking (and overspending) while giving you and your roommate(s) a chance to connect.

2.) Determine whether it is best to drive or fly.

Depending on the location of your college, you will have to determine if flying or driving is best. Most students choose to have their families drive them since packing so many items up for shipping and a flight can be pretty expensive. Regardless, your family will have to take time off of work (or book a flight), so the sooner you can plan, the better.

3.) Consider renting a self-storage unit.

Renting a local self-storage unit can help maximize space within your dorm for items you need daily. It can also help you keep your belongings close to campus when the semester ends, and it is time to pack up and leave. With sizes designed to match any budget, finding one is inexpensive and a particularly great deal if splitting with a roommate or two.

4.) Make studying a priority.

Though you may have all of these expectations of what college will be social-wise, envision what your professional life will be as well. Take the time to identify what makes you perform your best, whether it be quiet or group study sessions, extra tutoring, or online programs. Doing so will provide you with an advantage when you head off in the fall.

5.) Be realistic.

If you are heading off to college unsure of your major, this is the time to figure it out. Take note of your skills, interests, goals, and aspirations, and see if all of these combine into something you may enjoy. Remember, your major belongs to you and no one else. Do what truly makes you happy without losing sight of your responsibilities.

Through planning, some reflection, the use of self-storage space, and a drive to succeed, 2021-2022 is looking bright! In the words of Socrates, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Learn all you can, and then some!

May college be all that you had hoped for and more!