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Are you expecting a new baby and planning to move simultaneously? Congratulations are in order, and a big ‘ole hug – boy, do you have a lot going on! Moving is stressful, so to move while expecting? Well, that’s a whole other can of worms! Here are five simple tips to keep your move running smoothly – minimizing stress.

1.) Speak with your doctor to know what you can and cannot do.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, you’re going to want to be an active part of your move. The trouble is, you can put yourself and your sweet baby in harm’s way. Before starting the moving process, it is essential to speak with your doctor to know what you are allowed to do and what you aren’t. This will help keep you and your baby healthy and safe.

2.) Break your home up into zones, packing up non-essential items first.

We recommend only packing up non-essential items (and leaving what you need daily until the end). Rather than try to pack up everything at once, break your home up into different zones, focusing on one zone for short spurts throughout the day. By focusing on one area at a time, you will prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed and feel empowered through small victories.

Best of all, when packing in advance, you can keep boxes offsite in a local self-storage unit so that your home is clutter-free. Here at Storage Seeker, you can compare and reserve top-rated self-storage units online for free – helping you find a unit that is exactly what you need (and where you need it), all at the right price.

3.) Think of tasks you can delegate.

There are tasks you don’t have to take on yourself – such as cleaning your home for the new owners or hiring professional movers. Instead, hire a cleaning company and moving company so that you can quickly check those items off your list. The convenience is well worth the extra cost.

4.) If you have other children, hire a babysitter the day of your move.

If this isn’t your first baby, we strongly recommend hiring a babysitter to watch your kids on moving day. Those in your circle will likely be happy to help you during this time, so just ask! Better yet, if you have close friends or family nearby, you may be able to have your children sleep over the night before – allowing you to pack up all essentials without having to worry about the little ones running around and getting into everything.

5.) Listen to your body and take time to relax.

Tired? Please rest.

Need a break? Please take one.

Feel overwhelmed? Please reach out to those around you.

It is important that you take the time you need to wind down, have a good meal, and just simply be. And remember, as stressful as this time may feel, the season is only temporary. You will be in your new home, with your new addition, in no time!

By taking care of your health, packing a little at a time, utilizing self-storage, and delegating where needed, your move will be on the right track.

We wish you all the best!