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While businesses are beginning to reopen and activities are starting to resume, most Americans have nixed their summer travel and vacation plans, opting for a summer “staycation” instead! If you’re feeling disappointed and not exactly sure how to make this an exciting experience for the kids (as well as yourself), these 5 family-friendly activities can help:

1.) Water Feature Fun

You don’t need to head off to a luxurious pool to have a great time. Consider purchasing a temporary above ground pool for the summer, so that you and the kids can cool off and enjoy. The starting size for most pools is 10’ X 10’ X 3’, with larger / deeper sizes available. Most come with a filtration unit you can use (at a minimal price), as well as chemical sets you can purchase separately. If a pool is not something that would work well for your family, a simple sprinkler and garden hose can do the trick! Summer time water activities = hours of low-cost, high-energy fun!

2.) Camping Gear

Order some camping gear and do a camp out…. in your own backyard! Tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some sets sold that include sleeping bags and an inflatable mattress! Create a fire pit, grab some s’mores, and make the most of sleeping under the stars! Best of all, when duty calls, you can enjoy the comfort and cleanliness of home. In the off-season, the camping items that you have accumulated can easily fit into a self storage unit, rather than take up space in your house.

3.) Sports Equipment

Family bike rides, kayaking, ATV’s (okay, maybe that one is a bit extreme), but you get the picture. Find an outdoor activity you and your children love to do, and get outside! Parks are open, and the open air is a safe, distancing-friendly way to be out and about! A nature walk, bird watching, and a family hike are also great ways to enjoy being away from the house for a period of time!

4.) Outdoor Movie Theater

If a drive-in movie theater isn’t located nearby, you can still head to the drive-in… right at home! Purchase an inflatable screen or even use a bed sheet to project a film on the side of your house. You can even use some cardboard boxes and paper plates to make a car for your child(ren) to sit in, that is specially designed by them!

5.) Virtual Camps

Countless organizations and libraries are offering virtual online camps for children, mailing corresponding kits for their enjoyment. Consider enrolling your kids in one in order to maintain some form of structure (and provide you with a break as you work).

Having the kids home for such a long period of time can be a challenge. To stay organized, our experts recommend creating a snack time system, rotating toys, and developing a daily “schedule” so that you can keep your home running smoothly. If space is an issue, storage facilities are offering excellent move-in specials for new renters, providing much needed space to store sports equipment, and camping gear, as well as any excess items within your home. Most storage locations offer 24/7 security, with climate control and drive-up access, all at an affordable price.

Potential COVID-19 vaccines are the works, so we can rest assured that this season will be over soon. Until then, make the most of the time you have together. One day, in some strange way, you will look back and miss when things slowed down.

With a little creativity, some structure, and a self storage unit, your summer “staycation” may be your best “vacation” yet! In the words of renowned American golfer Walter Hagen, “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”

Wishing you a happy, fun-filled summer!