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Dear Storage Seeker,

Our son is heading off to college this fall; we are so proud of him. He plans on attending college in Texas. We live in Connecticut. You always have such great storage and organizing advice; we thought you might help us understand how to make this work, logistics-wise. We’re a little overwhelmed, and well, a little sad over the distance, but happy at the same time (if that makes any sense). We’ll miss our son but are very excited for him as he begins this journey. Thank you so much for your help!

Mitchell & Marge


Hi Mitch and Marge!

We’re happy to help! First off, congratulations! You should be very proud – what an accomplishment! Secondly, we can understand why you are feeling overwhelmed! The move to college is a big deal, even when you push logistics aside. And the logistics, well, with a cross-country move, they can be quite the challenge! Never fear, though there may be some difficulties ahead, there are numerous ways to make this move easier on the whole family. Here are the top 3 tips we can give you:

1.) Coordinate items to bring with the roommate(s) so that you don’t over-pack or overspend.

Your son will receive his roommate (or roommates) contact information in late spring or early summer. Once he does, the two (or three) of them should get to know each other and coordinate what they will bring to college. Coordinating belongings will help prevent you and your son from overpacking and overspending. This will also help your son feel more at ease and prepared as he makes such a big move across the country.

2.) Decide if it is better to drive or fly – it is entirely up to you, but chose to make the most of it!

Since your son’s college will be over 2,000 miles away, determine if it is best for you to road trip it together or fly. Do remember, you and your husband will be making the long trip back alone, without your son. If you feel that you may get a bit emotional, consider maybe taking a few days to head out on a bit of getaway together, seeing some sights, and spending some time just relaxing. You may be feeling many emotions, and that is okay! Embrace them.

3.) Rent a self-storage unit to keep items long-term. This way, you do not need to take belongings back and forth home when the school year is complete.

Once you get items to campus, consider renting a self-storage unit nearby to keep items for the following year. This way, you don’t have to pack everything up and lug it back and forth to and from school with each semester. Plus, your son can keep more oversized items off-site (such as seasonal clothing, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.) to help maximize space within his dorm daily. Better yet, have your son go in on a unit with a friend or two, and the already affordable price will drop dramatically.

By coordinating belongings, taking some time to yourself, and renting a self-storage unit, you and your son will be off to a great start. Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Just think of all you and your family have accomplished over the past 18 years. Parenting seemed impossible when your son was born, and now, he’s an impressive young man that is off to college. And, while this journey may seem impossible too, trust us when we say there are still many bright and beautiful roads ahead. Great job, mom and dad. There is much success in that boy’s future!