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It’s that time of year again! Crisp weather, roaring fires, and an elegantly set table surrounded by family and friends.

Sing your heart out to Rudolph, you know you want to. Rockin’ around the Christmas tree? You’ll boogie the whole night through.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Oh!

The holidays. Pure cheer. Pure joy. Pure laughter… And pure, undiluted, inundating, overwhelming debt. Funny, Norman Rockwell doesn’t seem to have a painting titled The Fat Man Did Us In and Now We’re Broke.

Too bad. Would be a classic.

So that the holidays only increase your poundage and not your overdraft fees (hey listen, we’re sneaking an extra piece of pie, too!), these simple ideas are ways you can earn a little extra cash this season. Who knows, you may consider keeping these easy side gigs going to help with expenses the whole year through.

Rent with AirBnB

AirBnB’s have skyrocketed in popularity, offering individuals, couples and families their choice of accommodations in locations across the world. Consider renting out your home as an AirBnB while you and your family are away this holiday season. Compensation is more than fair, providing you with some extra cha-ching this time of year. Though guests are well vetted and rated before they are able to stay within your home, you can easily store important documents and valuables in a local self-storage unit at minimal cost to you.

Cash in with Coinstar

Extra change lying around your home? Bring it to your local Coinstar machine. You can either get hard cash (with a minimal fee per dollar) or take home a gift card to countless retailers with no fee at all. Talk about an easy way to put some cash aside for holiday shopping.

Sell on Amazon

Have any used books, DVD’s, CD’s or electronics? Create an Amazon sellers account and sell them to Amazon directly or to other users online. People even create their own businesses the whole year through, sorting through garage sales, bookstores and thrift shops for items of interest they can sell at higher profits, keeping their inventory in a self-storage unit for safe keeping.

Save on Groceries

Kick up the savings at the Grocery store by downloading an app that will help you find the best deals or obtain rebates/cash back on what you already buy. With so many to choose from, finding one that fits your shopping habits is a breeze. You can get a nice little payback with barely any work on your end (minus downloading the app and uploading a receipt). Piece of cake. Mmmm… cake. There are those pounds again.

Rideshare, Shop or Deliver

Between Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart, there are countless ways in which you could sign up to drive for cash. Make your own hours and deduct expenses, all by driving people around, delivering food or grocery shopping. With the opportunity to work as much or as little as you want, you can earn what your family needs to put aside in addition to your established income.

As so eloquently stated by Ellen Degeneres, “Nothing spells holidays, like a cheese log.” So get ready for food, family and fun, without the threat of debt lurking over your shoulder. With various opportunities to earn extra income—along with storage ideas to suitthis may be the easiest holiday season on your wallet yet! Enjoy!