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Summer is finally here! If you are looking forward to summer vacation, you’re not alone! The problem is, summer vacation can be expensive. More and more American families are choosing to stick to a strict budget instead of racking up credit card debt, making the idea of taking a little getaway something that seems impossible.

While it may be fiscally challenging, the importance of taking a vacation is indisputable. In fact, according to CNN’s recent article Why vacations matter for your health, “…the United States doesn’t have a strong vacation culture: Many American kids grew up with parents who didn’t receive it or were also too busy to take time off. When those children start working themselves, they don’t know what to do with their time off because they never learned it from their parents. It’s hard to value something that’s never been experienced.”

If you are interested in earning a little cash this summer in order to take a small trip or even pay down some bills, there are some simple ways to earn some extra income, making your summer vacation a reality (without breaking the bank).

Rent It

If you’re going to be travelling anyway, why not rent your home as an AirBnB while you and your family are away! Doing so can help fund your vacation, without an ounce of work on your part. Best of all, guests that stay within your home are typically given a rating for your approval beforehand. Plus, to ensure everything remains secure, you can easily store important documents and valuables in a neighborhood storage unit while you’re away.

Sell It

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Have any used books, DVD’s, CD’s or electronics that you don’t use anymore? Create a seller’s account on Amazon to earn some extra cash and de-clutter your home. You can even sell your used clothing to companies like thredUp. And, if thrifting and garage sale shopping is something you’re into, you  can create a side business that continues throughout the entire year, using a self-storage unit to keep your inventory.

App It

There are countless service apps that allow freelancers to perform services on their own time in order to earn some extra cash. All you need is a car! You can drive for Uber, Lyft, deliver food with DoorDash or Grubhub or do some grocery shopping for others with Instacart.

In the words of entrepreneur, author and journalist John Battelle, “As you grow older, you learn a few things. One of them is to actually take the time you’ve allotted for vacation.”

So save up and step out, enjoying some summer time fun!

Happy vacationing!