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You’re broke, we get it. What college student isn’t? These simple, space-saving ideas will help you maximize your dorm room space, giving you a little more room to breathe in that 5X5 cell. Best of all, most use items you likely already have lying around, so rest easy. That piggy bank of yours can remain intact!

Hip Hanger Hop

Place your hangers together using within one another to help you store 3-4 items of clothing in the place of one. You can hang items that are similar in style or color together, helping you keep your closet well organized. Best of all, you will have more room for items you and your roommate need, giving you more space for other clothing items you would like to hang up.

Up Up and Away!

If your dorm room permits you to, lift your bed up so that you may store items you need on hand underneath within boxes or plastic bins. Items will be tucked away when you don’t need them but easily accessible when you do.

Vertical Vortex

Have any plastic cups lying around? Of course you do. Make a cute hanging organizer for your supplies, as seen here. You can place makeup or hair items, as well as academic materials (pencils, pens, clips, etc) that you need each day.

Let Your Doors Go Bare No More!

The back of your dorm-room door, closet door (and if you’re luck enough) bathroom door, are important areas you can use for storage. By hanging plastic shoe storage (you know you have one, however tacky), you can your roomie can place a plethora of items, neatly organized and available as you need them.

Storage Space

For all those items you can’t keep in your dorm? Consider renting a storage unit with your roommate(s). With all different sizes available, finding one that fits your tight budget will be a breeze. Plus, you can keep items close to campus all year round (instead of lugging them back and forth to your parents house).

Purge It

Remember, being minimalist is A-OK. If you haven’t used it, don’t plan on using it, or just plain old don’t need it, consider passing it along to another student who may, or simply donating it to your local goodwill.

With some creative thinking, a bit of re-purposing and a little bit of storage, you will be able to maximize your dorm room space with ease. To a successful and spacious semester!