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Though life is starting to have a new sense of normal, it is still imperative for individuals and families to take the precautions necessary in order to remain safe. These fun activities are an excellent way to enjoy time with your household (outside of your household), by taking advantage of all that spring and the warmer weather has to bring!

1.) Consider going on a family camping trip!

Did you know that in 2019, there were more than 91 million camper households throughout North America? 2.7 million of them were new campers – making it one of the top-rated new activities to date! While deciding to camp may make some people a bit uneasy, there are plenty of websites and resources to make the experience a breeze. Best of all, with self-storage units designed to meet any budget, you can keep camping gear off-site all year long, ensuring it doesn’t take up much-needed space within your home.

2.) Take a trip to the drive-in.

If there is a local drive-in you can go to, consider packing some popcorn and special treats, and taking the whole family to see a movie from the safety of your own car. The kids will have a blast, you will have a blast, and the change of scenery will make for a nice, refreshing outing that will be enjoyed by all! Some drive-in theaters have “classic” movie nights or two-for-one specials, so see what your local theater is hosting and make a night of it!

3.) Gone Fishin’!

According to All Pro Dad, “Fishing is a rewarding sport — your family can get away from hectic schedules to enjoy the fresh air, learn about the environment, and even develop patience. Best of all, fishing is quality time spent together talking, laughing, and even sitting quietly side by side.” Just think of all the memories and stories you can share as you embellish the battles between yourself and a catfish (or end up catching nothing but a tree). Certain locations require a fishing license (which is usually inexpensive and easy to get), so do a little research before you head out to any specific site.

5.) Outdoor crafting ideas.

With more and more people deciding to take up gardening, you and your children can decorate some beautiful planter boxes for all of your flowers, herbs, fresh fruits, and vegetables to grow in! Make your trip to the gardening store an adventure, mapping out what you want to plant, and cook over the coming months. It is a great learning opportunity for kids and a shared hobby for all!

6.) Take a hike!

There are countless hiking trails you and your family can choose from, ranging from easy (like a simple walk in the park), to more intense! Finding one close to you is simple, and will prove to be a day filled with fun, fresh air, and exploration!

7.) Spring clean, together!

While spring cleaning may sound like the last thing you and your family might want to do, you’d be surprised just how excited kids can be when they learn that you are giving your home a fresh coat of paint and redecorating a little bit. In fact, after deciding what you want to keep, donate, and discard, your home will feel more spacious (and quite new) after this long season indoors! Remember, you can always keep larger ticket items (such as sports equipment and seasonal decor) within a local self-storage unit to maximize your living space even more.

Don’t let COVID-19 get you down. There are still many fun activities you and your family can enjoy this spring, and in the years to come! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.”
-Henry Rollins