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Spring is just around the corner! Sunshine and flowers, greenery and cheer, the warmer weather gives everyone an extra pep in their step as new life start to blossom and outdoor activities resume. These simple ideas will freshen up your home this spring season, giving you extra space, a newer look and a boost of color.


We’ll start with everyone’s least favorite task, because it is one of those things you just need to get out of the way. We know you hate it, we do to… but failing to do so can cause some serious issues, such as rain water backing up into your house as well as roof damage.

Gutters, people. You’ve got to clean them.

Have your partner help you with a ladder and use your hands (gloves please!) to gently remove debris, removing any remaining items with a garden hose. Make sure your hose is placed downspout when hitting bends, channeling water at least 5 feet from your foundation walls.

Do the conga down the line to finish up the rest of your house and you are pretty much done until the fall… and then the spring… and then the fall. Ah, homeownership.


The only thing worse than or comparable to the hatred for cleaning gutters is cleaning windows.

Profitable Window Cleaning states that, “…in a recent survey by S.C. Johnson Company, it was reported that 80% of homeowners avoided washing their outside windows, while 72% admitted their windows needed to be cleaned several times a year.” Did you know, however, that most people clean their windows the incorrect way?

According to Clean & Clear Window Washing, washing windows on a sunny day, being stingy on cleaning materials and using the wrong tools are mistakes people typically make, which cause the process to be that much more difficult. They suggest cleaning your windows on a day with overcast, as not to cause your solution to dry and streak, using generous amounts of washing fluid, a squeegee to remove the fluid and then a soft, microfiber cloth to dry.

Maybe window washing isn’t that bad, if done correctly… Maybe it’s actually quite fun… Maybe… Okay, okay. We’re stretching. Let’s move on.


Everyone becomes a pack rat during those cold winter months, but with the warmer weather coming, it’s time to clear out and re-organize your home.

Pick a section to focus on and divide items into keep, give and toss piles. Only keep items you know you have a plan and a purpose for, donating items you feel you no longer need and tossing others you feel no one would even want.

Best of all, instead of loading all of the items you choose to keep within your home, consider renting a self storage unit in your neighborhood. You can store seasonal items and decor, sports equipment, collectibles and other belongings you have use for – just not the room for.

Hello spacious home and goodbye clutter!

Focus on the Details

Better Homes and Gardens has an entire house cleaning plan to help get your home into tip-top shape. They suggest scheduling the tasks you need to accomplish and dividing them by room, rather than category. Once you enter that room, start cleaning from top to bottom. Before you know it, your home will be sparkling clean and ready for spring.

“In winter I plot and plan. In spring, I move.” -Henry Rollins

By getting organized, focusing on details and tackling some cleaning tasks you know are necessary (but don’t always enjoy) your home will be ready for springtime and you will be too!