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Fall is here! With the kids heading back to school and holidays just around the corner, getting out of summer mode and into a more productive routine is key to ensuring your family is able to function well. If you are struggling to get everyone onto a more rigid schedule, consider these helpful tips that will keep your home running smoothly.

Meal Planning

Everyone dreads meal planning when they hear about it, but once they get into the rhythm of doing it, they wished they had done so sooner. Not only does meal planning help you and your family spend less money at the grocery store, it also helps you waste less food and feel prepared for your day. With some creative ideas and by multi-purposing some meals and ingredients, you can stretch some meals over several days, keeping your family’s bellies full and your wallet quite happy!

Cleaning Schedule

The majority of families feel overwhelmed by cleaning their home, unsure where to begin or how to keep it sparkling. Instead of just piecing together a cleaning plan by tending to items here or there as they need tending to, follow a ready-made cleaning chart that will keep you accountable by having you focus on the obvious and not so obvious areas of your home to clean. You can even place different chores on a….

Responsibility Chart!

…that you and your family can each partake in. By giving every member of your family a project they need to take ownership of, you are reinforcing teamwork and the fact that everyone has a job to do (not just mom or dad). Your children will recognize that responsibilities are for everyone, and you can reward your family with a fun treat that you can ALL enjoy at the end of each week (such as a day at the zoo or an ice cream night).

Utilizing Storage

Keeping your home de-cluttered is something you need to work on in real time, continuously seeking opportunities to donate items, discard items or re-organize them. For belongings that are simply too big to keep within your home (such as sports equipment), or only used during certain times of the year (like seasonal clothing or decor), consider renting a small self-storage unit located close by. Your home will feel more spacious, and your items will remain secure.

Family Calendar

Post a large monthly calendar within a shared family space, as well as a more detailed weekly one, so that each member of your family can see what is on the agenda long and short term. This will keep everyone on the same page, minimizing missed appointments and scheduling conflicts for all.

With a little extra planning, some proactive cleaning, a self-storage rental, and strategic time management, your family is certain to flourish this fall!

Welcome Autumn!